Dot Severine

Circalendar 2017

The Four Attentions

The 2017 Circalendar design is based on a medicine wheel called The Four Attentions.

The purpose of the Four Attentions is to strengthen our ability to focus our attention.

It offers a pathway to expand our consciousness, step by step, each direction building on the previous in a fixed sequence.

The Four Attentions teaches us how to focus our attention in a life growing way and make us ready for action.

Southeast: Be Present – focus on the present moment. Open, connected and appreciative.

Southwest: Guards Out – focus our thought and our intention. Align with, adjust and remember our direction in Life.

Northwest: Look for the Teaching – focus on what Life is teaching us. See the cycles, flow and learning.

Northeast: Let the Little Child Play – focus on how we manage our energy. Shift, change and grow Life.

Download the 2017 circalendar folder folder explaining the design. Ready to print and fold.