Dot Severine


A round calendar based on the concept of time being cyclic

Circalendar is a combination of calendar and Medicine Wheel. It refers to the Native American wisdom tradition the Delicate Lodge Teachings that goes back to the Mayan people.

Directly inspired by this philosophy where everything unfolds in cycles and builds on the sacred circle of the Medicine Wheel, it takes this understanding of time being cyclic into the creation of the round calendar.

Like a Medicine Wheel, the circalendar is based on the Four Directions North, South, East and West. These are connected and aligned with the Solstices and Equinoxes, the astronomical markers of the year.

Circalendar was created for each of the years 2013-2017.

Circalendar archives 2013-2017

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The background story of Circalendar

In the beginning of my studies of Native American wisdom I was playing around with how the energies of the Medicine Wheel would fit into the calendar year.

All this new knowledge (and a new world, too) I was on fire and curious to explore deeper. The teachings about how everything moves in cycles moved me to look at the calendar. Very literal, the idea seems obvious. Not a new idea as such since round calendars exist in many fields as different annual cycle planners.

I consulted my teachers and guides about the connections and directions that I was perceiving, and with a bit of guidance, Circalendar was born.

Universal geometry

I saw the universal geometry in a new light and I was in awe. The relationship between the Earth and the Sun expressed in the perfect alignment between the Solstices and Equinoxes and the four Directions.

I still find these universal alignments very beautiful. It is part of being a universal spiritual being and a lover of the medicine wheel, I guess.